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Phoenix Brandenburg

Phoenix Brandenburg – Our association has been working in Brandenburg since the year 2000.

“With the support of the Commissioner of Foreigners of Brandenburg, Almuth Berger, and the municipal Commissioner of Foreigners, as well as the RAA (regional groups for the support of children and teenagers from migrant families) we organised several Anti-Racism-Trainings which were aimed especially at multipliers but also at people who were generally interested in anti-racism work in Brandenburg. A Brandenburg branch of Phoenix was founded as a result of these trainings.”

These are the words of Wanda Nikulka, former vice-chairwoman of Phoenix e.V., who is originally from Poland and used to work as Equal Opportunity Commissioner in the district Oder/Spree. When asked she names a few examples of the group’s work in the last years:


Rally for Ermyas M.

Ermya M. was brutally assaulted at a bus station. The call to his wife during the assault serves as a proof. Insults such as “Fucking N***” can be heard. During twelve days physicians fought for Ermya’s life. We issued a statement and participated at the rally for Ermya M. in April 2006 in Potsdam.

Assault on Noël Martin

tl_files/images/content/noel-gedenkstein.pngJune 1996: Neonazis throw stones at Noël Martin’s car while he is driving. The assault puts his life in danger. Since the attack Noël Martin, who lives in London, is paraplegic. We wrote a letter to Noël Martin following his statement to commit suicide ten years after the attack on his life.

We organise working groups, workshops and meetings especially for the younger Phoenix members in Brandenburg. “I am happy to see so many young people here. I remember our annual Phoenix-weekend in Bad Driburg. The topic was ‘Flight and expulsion’“. At the end of the day one of the teenagers said the following: “This was the first time I spoke to others about fleeing from home.” “This was a touching moment for me”, said Ute von Essen who is herself mother of two black children and one of the founding members of Phoenix Brandenburg.