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It is our goal to take effective measures against racism.

Racist violence and racist thinking have become a menace to societal peace. A lot of people want to oppose this development. However, the lack of a clear definition of racism makes it difficult to take effective measures against it.

Phoenix e.V. has the goal to sensitize people to both everyday and structural racism. As they become aware of their own socialization they gradually discover positive strategies to respond to the negativity of racism. Therefore we offer Anti-Racism-Trainings and Empowerment-Trainings, we hold lectures, consult individuals and groups and seek contact with other people who stand up against racism all over the world.

The Phoenix trainings are based on the pedagogy of Anti-Racism-Trainings as taught and practiced by Sybil Phoenix, a Black British activist. After Austen Peter Brandt, who was instructed by Sybil Phoenix, developed and organised the Phoenix trainings in the 1990s, some of the first participants initiated the foundation of the group Phoenix in 1993.

Our active members come from many different cultural backgrounds. All of them have taken part in a training. We meet on a regular basis to exchange personal and social experiences with racism and use these as a basis to develop effective strategies against it.

In September 2010 Phoenix e.V. was awarded the Aachener Friedenspreis.