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Our Members

“Through Phoenix I have learned to remove the barriers that exist between people with different backgrounds.”

We have members with backgrounds from over 30 countries. “Brückenmenschen” is what we call people who have their roots in different cultures. Their experiences in bridging language gaps as well as cultural and religious barriers enrich our association.

Denis Hasani, Phoenix-member from Pristina, Kosovo, writes the following lines in one of his Phoenix-newsletters:

“Months after our annual Phoenix-weekend in Germany I still think of our discourses and the touching stories of the other members. Within Phoenix nobody is inferior or superior to anyone else. Everyone develops her or his own courage to reflect on structural as well as personal racism on an intellectual and an emotional level. Phoenix has taught me to reduce the distance that exists between people with different backgrounds and to open up in the presence of people who appreciate a peaceful atmosphere.”

Phoenix-members have their roots in Afghanistan, Angola, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Congo (DR), Cuba, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, Greece, Haiti, Herzegovina, India, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Togo, Turkey, Uganda and the United States.