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Initiatives in the educational sector

Next to family and the media the educational sector is a main source of conveying racist images.

Curriculums, biology textbooks and the minds of teachers are still carrying the idea of the natural division of humanity into races which has long been disproven by scientists. Expressions such as the “N-word” or the euphemism of calling slaves “commerce” have not disappeared completely from school materials.

The anti-racism work of Phoenix e.V. in this field begins with the insight and awareness gained in the trainings and is carried by participants to their respective cities and contexts. As an example the association mentions private initiatives in schools and school departments that started a debate about dividing humanity in races in textbooks and curriculums.

The working group “Textbooks” with members of iaf e.V. Munich and Phoenix e.V. successfully addressed Munich’s department of education and culture. In November 2008 the city of Munich joined the “European Coalition of Cities against Racism”. In her letter of march 2009 the municipal school inspector Weiß-Söllner urges the kindergartens and schools in Munich not to tolerate the use of the “N-word” anymore.