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Participants of these trainings are Black Germans, migrants and People of Colour.

People in Germany with roots in, for example, Africa, Asia or Turkey may experience racism in varying forms and intensity. However, there is a common reason for their discrimination: the colour of their skin. More and more people in our society have roots outside of Germany. Racist violence is increasing but everyday racism cannot be underestimated as a factor in the life of those affected.

The Empowerment-Training gives the participants the opportunity to get to know each other as well as their different political and cultural backgrounds. We come from different backgrounds and have different experiences. What we all have in common is the fact that we experienced racism in Germany. How can we achieve our personal goals regardless, how can we lead a constructive life and what can we do to reduce racism? We discuss these questions during the Empowerment-Training employing different forms of media and methods, such as dialogs and group discussions, role plays, videos and others.

After the training everyone has the possibility to continue individually, to participate in a Follow-Up-Training or to become an active member of Phoenix.