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Counselling of victims

Phoenix e.V. also offers counselling and guidance for victims of racist violence.

Everyday racism can be experienced as early as Kindergarten and continues in school. Open discrimination, insults and experiences of violence are often a part of life of children who do not fit in because of the colour of their skin. An example is the case of a girl in a primary school whose friend gave her a picture. The picture says:

“Hey, it is difficult to say. Well, I am not allowed to play with you anymore. I cannot be your friend any longer, because you are black and tik-tik-pala. You are mad and a little stupid. Don’t be sad. You can find another friend.”

This is one of many instances where Phoenix e.V. steps in to assist the helpless, hurt and furious families with the goal of finding a solution and to empower both the child and the parents.