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During Anti-Racism-Trainings we want to enable the participants to discover the mechanisms of racism and to find ways of reducing its impact.

Both the individual and the structural dimensions of racism are critical elements in this process. The Anti-Racism-Training helps participants to become aware of racist elements in their own thoughts and sentiments and to be able to trace this back to their socialization. Every day, the corresponding images and ideas are reinforced by media, families, colleagues and friends as well as political culture. The training strengthens awareness, intensifies the knowledge of your proper personality and finally poses the question: How can I effectively take action against racism?

Together we seek initial steps and possibilities, employing different forms of media and methods, such as dialogs and group discussions, role plays, videos and others. We ask questions based on the concept of Critical Whiteness which urges participants to reflect on their role in the racist system.

Our goal is to empower the participants. A fundamental change in our society depends on people who have the ability to discover racism in all its forms and to ask themselves an elementary question: What does it mean to be White? We’ve been discussing these issues of Critical Whiteness since our foundation in the 1990s.

After the training everyone has the possibility to continue individually, to participate in a Follow-Up-Training or to become an active member of Phoenix.